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What do you get when you book our Tap Trucks?

Delivery & Setup

When you book with us, we will arrive at the scheduled time with one of our Tap Trucks and begin setting up any kegs you purchase or provide. We also include a 4 foot bar for use during your event and deliver any add-ons rented or purchased.

Beverage Options

Every event needs water! Your rental includes one, five gallon keg of premium spring water as well as the ability to purchase our Premium Mixer (add your own spirit), Premium Juice Blends, Nitro Coffee, and Nitro Tea Kegs. You can add any of our custom crafted kegs to your rental, and even provide your own kegs as well! Visit our Drink Options page to see our selection.

Optional Add-Ons

Check out our Pricing page to discover the add-ons we offer. You can rent kegerators, signs, tables and more. Purchase items like napkins, straws, cups, shakers, the list goes on! Everything you need to set up your bar!


We'll be back at the scheduled time to break down any rentals, pick up our kegs, clean the lines and pack up, leaving your event as it was when we arrived.


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